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Dashboards and Wallboards

ExpertFlow Dashboards & Wallboards application allows the contact center administrators, supervisors and agents to customize new dashboards as per the needs of the business. Each user can create its own dashboard or admins create a contact center Wallboard to be displayed on a large screen in a room. It is currently only availble for Cisco CC's, not for EF CC.

The application comes with predefined gadgets (display types ) to be added on a dashboard container. The user can then customize the gadget to see the attributes important to the business while hiding the rest of the other attributes.

There are six different templates. So user can create dashboard in six different ways. User can also add gadgets to the dashboard. The gadgets are 

  • Speedometer

  • Pie Chart

  • Line Chart

  • Bar Chart

  • Doughnut Chart 

  • Data Table

  • Scorecards
  • Greeting
  • Message Text Box

Different dashboards can be added in a Dashboard Group. The link can be generated for the dashboard and dashboard group. The dashboard can also be copied. User can also add Data Services URL in it. Settings are used to update the logo 


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