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Configuration Guides

  1. Follow Rasa-X Configurationguide to activate the rasa model.
  2. Follow Keycloak Configuration to configure Keycloak.
  3. Configure the solution by following the Unified Admin Guide.
  4. Follow this guide for configuring unified-agent in finesse.
  5. Follow the Reports Configuration (Superset 2.0) guide to import historical reports in the superset. 
  6. Follow the 360 Connector Configuration Guide to configure 360 Connector.
  7. Follow the Facebook Connector Configuration Guide to configure Facebook Connector.
  8. Follow the Instagram Connector Configuration Guide to configure Instagram Connector.
  9. Follow the Twitter Connector Configuration Guide to configure Twitter Connector.
  10. Follow the Twilio Connector Configuration Guide to configure Twilio Connector.
  11. Follow the Additional Configurations guide for changing the agent's socket disconnect and customer reconnect timeout settings.
  12. Follow the Web-init Widget Deployment Guide for the web init widget deployment.
  13. Follow the Historical Reports Database Script guide for the creation of reporting database.
  14. Follow the Voice Channel Configuration guide for the configuration of the voice channel.
  15. Follow the API for Queue Flushing guide for the configuration of Queue Flushing.
  16. Follow the SDK for Customer Facing Channel guide for configuration and embedding purposes.
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