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CX Data Sheet

Expertflow CX is a multi-channel customer-centric contact center solution. It stores customer interactions across all channels and provides unified interaction history.  Conversation control scripting is customizable for dynamic conversation flow. Customer profiles are managed in a way that businesses can use this data for outbound calls and campaigns. Secure and highly available, it supports its easy-to-use AgentDesk application, integrated self-service bots with flexible training, interactive voice response (IVR), and computer telephony integration (CTI).

Expertflow CX is available as a cloud subscription and may also be installed on-prem on the Kubernetes Platform.

Features and Benefits


Features and Benefits


  • Expertflow CX provides a simple browser-based AgentDesk application for CX agents and supervisors. It includes an intuitive, easy-to-use design that helps improve the performance of customer care representatives for high-quality customer service. 

  • With the Unified Admin Console, business admins can provide easy access to the applications, can configure Expertflow CX services and solution components such as general settings, the configuration of CX Routing Engine, Customer Channel Manager, Bot Framework, and more. 

  • AgentDesk supports inbound and outbound contact center functions. Core features include: Customizable agent and supervisor desktop layout

  • Blended agents: can handle inbound and outbound calls along with chat via any supported channel (such as SMS, WhatsApp, or any supported social media channel

  • Multisession web chat

  • Selection of multiple wrap-up reasons for chat channels

  • Support light theme - dark theme on the AgentDesk  to ensure better visibility

  • Support for case-insensitive login                                                                                                                                                                                                           


Expertflow CX enables its agents to perform various inbound and outbound contact center functions. Core features include:

Management Roles and Benefits




  • Allows Expertflow CX supervisors to monitor real-time dashboards to view the summary statistics of the contact center including queues, agent states, and ongoing conversations with agents and bots enabling them to optimize contact center efficiency. This ability to monitor critical performance metrics allows them to train, and encourage agent behavior so that agents can perform consistently and efficiently.

  • Supervisors can silently monitor the conversation. 

  • Supervisors can interrupt an agent's conversation using Barge In to interact with both the customer and the agent to resolve the concerns if any.

  • Supervisors can create, edit, and delete announcements for their team agents. 

  • Allows the supervisor or business administrator to define and customize the customer fields provided in customer schema

  • Allows the supervisor/business administrator to create new customer labels to categorize customers based on certain characteristics.

  • Supervisor can end the PULL-based request.


Business administrators can configure Expertflow CX services and solution components from the Unified Admin Console.

Customer Channels

Expertflow CX provides integration with the following customer channels and continues to add more digital channels to the list of supported media channels. 

See Channel capabilities for an overview and details on each of the supported channels, follow the relevant links above.

System Capabilities

CX Routing 

  • Routes customer interaction requests from any channel to the same conversation and the same agent

  • Introduces two ways of routing the requests. Precision routing/Push-mode routing and PULL-mode routing.

  • Pull-mode lists - for certain media channels customer interaction requests are pushed to pull-mode lists. Agents subscribe to these lists to fetch and process on-demand. See Pull-mode vs Precision Routing for more details.

  • CX routing facilitates categorizing and prioritizing customers in a way that best meets the business requirements.

  • A wide range of routing logic that can accurately target and selectively route different classes of customers by prioritized routing treatment

  • .Ensures that each customer is routed to the right agent at the right location, first time to maximize the resolution of the request.

CX Reporting

  • Provides various tabular and graphical historical reports, IVR reports and real-time dashboards with flexible presentation options using Superset for historical reports and Grafana for dashboards.

  • Existing out-of-the box reports allow the business to review historical and real-time dashboards or view custom reports to track the information required.

Campaign Manager

  •  Allows agents to schedule, view and update a scheduled activity on AgentDesk, with a customer at a scheduled date/time. Exposes Campaign Scheduler APIs for third-party CRMs or Campaign Managers to upload contacts or create callback requests/ appointments for customers, optionally with a named agent or on a specified skill.  

While agents are handling customer requests, they can also view all upcoming / scheduled activities planned with a customer, on the AgentDesk in addition to the past customer activities.

Workforce Management (WFM)

  •  Provides integrations with third-party WFM solutions such as Calabrio and Verint.

CX Wallboard

  • Has its own wallboards with intuitive design to provide real-time visualization, assists the business to monitor and manage contact center operations effectively.  

Conversation Control

  • Conversation control scripting for dynamic conversation flow that can be changed according to business requirements - see Conversation Control 

Voice Recording

  • Provides Voice Recording Solution that can be deployed along with CX for call recording of CX-Voice or Cisco contact center.

Deployment and Upgrades

  • can be deployed on-prem, cloud, and hybrid.

  • Any Kubernetes distribution can be selected to deploy Expertflow CX. This has been tested on K3s and RKE2.

3rd Party Bot Integrations

  • Provides integrations with Rasa, DialogFlow, and any 3rd party chatbot for chat

  • Provides integration with Expertflow IVR for CX Voice, and CVP for CISCO Voice


  • Scalability is expandable upto the requirement based on the number of concurrent channels of active conversations.


  • Expertflow CX provides centralized Identity and Access Management Solution for security backed by Keycloak. This ensures complete security to users while accessing all Expertflow CX resources by passing a process of  User Authentication and Authorization.

  • Users are managed in Keycloak Admin Console. This allows business administrators to manage users, roles, and permissions.

  • Expertflow CX can be deployed as a standalone web application on prem or on the cloud. To make authentication work, business administrators need to set up client (resource server) in the Keycloak instance.

  • Apart from Standalone deployment, Expertflow CX solution can be set up within the Cisco Finesse environment i.e; UCCE or UCCX. This authenticates  users in two ways. Either Login Finesse (With SSO), or Login Finesse (Without SSO).

  • Expertflow CX provides Permission and Access Management (using Keycloak IAM) to access different application resources. For the top level such as admin, agent, and supervisor, role-based permissions are available, and at granular access levels, group-based implementation are also available.

  • Adding on, Expertflow CX encrypts certain types of data. 

Licensing and Ordering

  • Provides concurrent user licenses. So businesses can buy concurrent user licenses from the Expertflow Online Shop, for the concurrent number of agents who are going to use the Agent App.


Expertflow CX provides integration with

        a. Salesforce,

        b. Microsoft Dynamics,

        c. Oracle Siebel,

       d. Service Cloud CX-CTI Connector,

       e. Service Now,

       f. SAP Interaction Center/Hybris C4C,

       g. JavaScript CTI Toolbar

h. Generic Connector

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